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Great Food ads

  • Do you LOVE avocados?
    Don't be shy, get intimate and show us your love in a 2 minute video starring the irresistible love fruit.
    Click here for official rules.

    An excellent close-up image of deliciousness grabs your attention, while the text piques your interest- there's no way to resist this ad.

  • Milk from Cloned Cows?
    ā€œIā€™m a mom, and giving my child the best milk available is the most important thing to me. CyClone Dairy just makes sense.ā€ -Linda

    CyClone Dairy will be the first major dairy brand to offer milk exclusively from cloned cows.

    April Fool's joke by Ben & Jerry's. Clever way to address a real issue. Used a customer quote, which viewers relate well to.

  • Recipes from Stonemill Kitchens
    Savory Sausage and
    Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms
    come together effortlessly with Stonemill
    Kitchens Artichoke & Parmesan Dip. Our premium dips can be served hot or
    cold and make holiday entertaining a breeze.

    Find more recipes and entertaining ideas at
  • Ultimate Grilling Challenge
  • Everyone's Favorite Treat!
    Martha Stewart's Cupcakes
    175 Inspired Ideas

    Cupcakes For Every Season and Event